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4 Girls Are In A Room Aire Is Playing Chess Maria Is Watching Television Anna Is Asleep What Is The Fourth Girl Doing Riddles A Girl Was Crying Because Her Boyfriend Left Her She Broke A Glbottle A Chair And An Expensive Vase What Broke First A Man Paid With His Life A Promotion At Work Riddles A Man Weighing 14 Stone And His Two Sons Weighing 7 Stone Each Were Stranded On An Island All They Had To Get Of Riddles A Room Full Of Water Riddles A Word From Which If We Remov Riddles Can You Name The 3 Colours Of The Rainbow Riddles Ev Riddles Greater Then G Riddles I Can Be Carried Arround Away From The Ground Like Water I Try To Repl Riddles On Formation Of Water Riddles Scrapbook Riddles When You Have Me Ri Riddles With Pointed Fangs I Sit And Wait With Piercing Force I Cunch Out Fate Grabbing Victims Proclaming Might Physically Joining With A Single Bite What Riddles You Stay Alone And You Are Sleeping In Your Bedroom Your Paren Riddles
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