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Air Force Riddles Bobby Throws A Ball As Hard As He Can Count Back To Him Even Though Nothing In Nobody Touches It Out Riddles Have 7 Candles Lit 2 Blew Out How Many Candles I Have Lef Riddles I Am A Mother And A Father But Have Never Given Birth Im Rarely Still But I Never Wander What A Riddl Riddles I Am Primarily Made Of Calcium I Protect And Act As Camouflage I Can Be Found As A Filler In Common House Hold Spice Riddles I Have 4 Fingers And 1 Thumb But Im Not Alive What Am I Riddles Thumb But Im Not Alive What Am I Riddles If There Is A Private Party At A Public Library Riddles Nile River Riddle Safety Gles Riddles Short Detective Riddles Sweet Toot Riddles Two Fathers And Two Sons Sat Down To Eat Eggs For Breakfast They Riddles What Can Run About And Never Walks Has A Mouth But Never Talks Has A Head But Never Weeps Has A Bed But Never Sleeps Riddles What Is The Opposite Of Professional Eater Riddles What Time Belongs To Man Twice A Day Riddles
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