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A Serial Killer Kidnapped People And Made Them Take 1 Of 2 Pills One Was Harmless And The Other Was Poisonous Whichever Pill A Victim Took The Serial Killer Took The Other One Each Victi Riddles Donkey Riddles Feather Riddles Government Riddles July 4th Riddles Lets Go Through The Question Again 1 Rabbit Saw 6 Elephants While Going Riddles Man Lays Turf That Doubles In Size Every Day It Takes 10 Days To Cover His Lawn How Many Days Will It Take With 2 Slabs Of Turf Riddles Matthew Have 20 Dollarshe Spends 15 Dollars On Red Bullwhat Does Mathew Riddles Meadow Riddles My Dog Had 7 Puppies Puppy 1 Names Is Monday Puppy 2 Tuesday Puppy 3 Wednesday Puppy 4 Riddles Secret Agent Riddles There Are 5 People In A Room I Came And Killed 4 How Many Remain Riddlesoom With A Gun And Killed 4 People Now How Many People Actually Remain In That Room Riddl Throw T Riddles Vegathil Onnaman Peril Randaman Sthanam Moonamath Riddles When You Have Me You Feel Like Sharing Me But If You Do Share Me You Wont Have Me What Am I R Riddles
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Because neither is ever approached without caws.
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