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A Mother Was Kolled In A Circular House The Kids Were Pkaying Wi Riddles Brown And Old By Day White And Young By Night I Have Nine Faces Riddlesnight I Have Nine Faces Riddle Clara Clatter Was Born On December 27th Yet Her Birthday Is Always R Riddles Dairy Riddles I Am A Fruit That Grows On A Tree And Come In Many Different Colors My Name Rhymes With Pair And You Need A Chair To Pick Me What Riddles, I E Riddles I Fly Without Wings And I Cry Without Eyes Riddles,isted Riddles Iam The Planet That Everyone Calls Red B Riddles,, If Giraffe Has Riddles If He W Riddles Me This A Person Wakes Up From This Night Sleep Then Got Some Cereal And Then Got Into His Car And Lef Riddles Sea Urchin Riddles The Country With One Eye And Big Clock Riddles Two People Are Born At The Same Moment But They Don Riddles Using Only Add Riddles
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Lava And Magma Riddle

A volcano
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Egg In A Glass Riddle

Hint: Without doing anything to the egg, the egg can't fit into the bottle
First, soak the egg in the vinegar which softens the shell without compromising the egg. Next, take some of the writing paper and shred it into pieces. Take the shredded pieces and put them into the glass bottle. Take a match and light a fire inside the bottle with the shredded paper. After, take the vinegar-soaked egg and put it on the top of the bottle so no oxygen can get into the bottle. The fire can't live without any oxygen so it will try to suck oxygen from the entrance which the egg is blocking. When the fire does this, the fire becomes like a vacuum. So, basically, the fire sucks the egg into the bottle to try to get the oxygen. After a short while, the shell will reharden and that's how the egg got into the bottle.
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