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A Guy Woke Up In The Morning Got Out Of His Bed Because He Was Thirsty He Went Into The Kitchen Where There Was Orange Juice In The Refrigerator And Got It Riddles A Man In A Car Sees A Door A Gold Door A Diamond Door And A Silver Door Which Doo Riddles Drye Riddles Girls Hostel Riddles I Have 7 Candels Lit 2 Blew Out How Many Candles Riddles If You Th Riddles L Have A Thing It Points On The Monitor W Riddles Lets Imagine The Following John Had 200k Mary Has 5k And Mark Will Have 500 Riddles Murder Myster Riddles Poison Ice Riddles Recycling Riddles The Wo Riddles This Disney Character Is Precise Punctual And Efficient Some Say He Is Wound A Little Tight Who Is He R Riddles To Throw Me U Wou Riddles You Stay Alone And You Are Sleeping In Your Bedroom Your Parents Ring The Doorbell As They Have Come To Have Breakfast With You You Have Bread Milk Honey Ja Riddles
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What Are The Coins?

Two coins make 30 cents one of them isn't a nickel what are they?
A nickel and a quarter: one of them isn't a nickel but the other one is
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