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A Girl Was Crying Bc Her Boyfriend Left Her She Broke A Glbottle Chair A Expensive Vase W Riddles Crying Because Her Boyfriend Left Her She Broke A Glbottle A Chair An Riddles A Mother Was Killed In A Circular House The Kids Were Playing With The Dog Riddles A Single Dad Named Mark Was Left To Raise Three Kids Billy Harry And Joe Billy Left Ridd Riddles A Woman Has 5 Cousins Monday Is The First Cousin Tuesday Is The Secon Riddles Bow And Arrow Riddles Ceo Riddles Clothes Hangers Riddles Each Day Many People From All Over The World Come Visit Me However They Usually Only Stay A Few Minutes I Am Considered By Many To Be Very Dirty Yet Few People Would Riddles English Riddles For High Grade I Am A Odd Number I Have 3 Tens My Ones Is The Same As My Tens What Am I Riddles I Am A Positive Integer Riddles I Am Tall When I Am Young And I Am Short When I Am Old What Am I Riddlesdlesesi Liquid But Not Water White But Not Snow Riddles Muscle Riddle Riddles Table Lamp Riddles
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Remove My Letters Riddle

I am a five letter word. If you remove all my letters except the first, I sound the same! What am I?
Queue, Q
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