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A Woman Has 5 Cousins Monday Is The First Cousin Tuesday Is The Second Cousin Wednesday Is The Third Cousin Thursday Is The Four Riddles At Last Count There Were Over 2300534 Of These In The Us While You Cant See All Of Them Chances Are Pretty Good You Past Over 150 So Far Today Riddles Be Careful You Never Know What You Will Find Inside Of It Riddles Every Man Has One Some Are Big Some Are Small Riddles I Am A Mother And A Father But Have Never Given Birth Im Rarely Still But I Never Wander What A Riddl Riddles I Am Primarily Made Of Calcium I Protect And Act As Camouflage I Can Be Found As A Filler In Common House Hold Spice Riddles I Went To School With No Pen And Came Back With 15 Pe Riddles Jimmys Mom Had Many Children Riddles Name 4 Days Of The Week That Start With T Riddles Nile River Riddle The Circus Riddles There A Five People In A Room I Arrive And Kill One How Many People Are Left In The Room Riddles What Did The Paper Say To Pencil Riddles What Rock Group Consists Of Four Famous Men But None Of Them Sing Riddles What Walks On Four Legs In The Morning Two Legs At Midday And Three Legs In The Evening Riddle
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Hair Music Riddle

What makes music on your hair?
A head band!
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