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4 Girls Are In A Room Claire Is Playing Chess Maria Is Watching Tv Anna Riddles 700 Am And You Are Asleep And There Is A Sudden Knock On Your Door Behind The Door Is Your Parents Who Came To Have Breakfast In Your Fridge You Have Bread Mil Riddles A Detective Was Investigating A Murder Case It Was Difficult But He Completely Stumped And Noticed The A Me Riddles A Man Condemned To Death Has The Option Of Picking One Of The Mentioned Three Rooms The First Room Is A Furnace Filled With Flames The Second Has Armed M Riddles A Man Weighing 14 Stone And His Two Sons Weighing 7 Stone Each Were Strand Riddles All Men Have One Ssome Long Riddles Bread Riddles How Do Computers Snack R Ri Riddles I Can Be Cracked Made To Riddles Option Of Picking One Of The Mentioned The Three Rooms The First Room Is A Furnace Filled With Flames The Second Room Has Armed Men With Loaded Guns While The Third Has Lions Starving For Years Riddles It Is A Tables But You Can Eat It Riddles Joe Riddles Many Have Heard Me No Riddles Me This Mary Had 500 Tom Has 50 Riddles You Stick Your Poles Inside Me You Tie Me Down To Get Me Up I Get Wet Before You Do What Am I Riddles Your Pocket Is Empty And You Still Have Something In It Riddles
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