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A Man In A Car He Sees A Door A Gold Door A Diamond Door And A Sil Riddles A Man Wanted To Enter An Exclusive Club But Did Not Know The Pword That Was Required He Waited By The Door And Listened A Club Member Knocked On The Riddles An Aviator Was Carrying His Clothes Home From The Cleaners When It Began To Riddles Fruit Bowl Riddles Having A Baby Riddles I Am Primarily Made Up Of Calcium I Protect And Act As Camouflage And Riddles Identical Parakeets At The Edge Of A Roof Is Called Riddlesddl Identical Parakeets Riddles, Journey Without It And You Will Never Prevail But If You Have Too Much Of It You Will Surely Failwhat Am I Riddl Riddles Man Lays Turf That Doubles In Size Every Day It Takes 10 Days Riddles Many Times Y Riddles Parachute Riddles Pop Riddles What Vegetable D Riddles Your Locket Is Empty Bu Riddles The Room I Arrive And Kill How Many Are There Left In The Room Riddles
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A Clock At Midnight Riddle

Mr. Van Jones, why are you like a clock at midnight?
Because both of your hands are going straight up, right now.
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