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You'll See Me Riddle

Youll see me when the sun is high and also late at night,
Im in the songs of holidays, when the snow is white,

Kings and Queens and royalty, are all found in me,
Im the largest of them all, with just one you see,

Step by step with pounding feet, Im tribes of angry men,
Im above your hands right now, for help or to go again,

Youll use me in the kitchen, or add a little more,
Ill be in the years to come, and the days of yore.

What am I?
The Number Twelve (12).

Noon and midnight are both 12 oclock and the Twelve Days of Christmas is a popular Christmas carol.

There are twelve face cards in a standard 52-card deck and twelve is the largest number with one syllable.

There are twelve steps in Alcoholics Anonymous, a troy pound is 12 ounces, there were 12 tribes of Israel and a popular movie was called, Twelve Angry Men (12 members of the jury). There are twelve function keys on your keyboard. F1 often shows a help screen and F5 reloads pages in your browser.

Many recipes measure items by the dozen, adding one more for a bakers dozen. There are twelve months in a year.
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