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A Bank Is Robbed And A Guard Wants To Rescue A Bag Of Riddles A Teacher Cant Stop Yelling Riddles Baked Bean Riddles Christian Christmas Riddles I Have Seven Candles Two Of Them Go Out How Ma Riddles In A Street There Are Five Houses Painted Five Different Colours In Each House Lives A Person Of Different Nationality These Five Home Owners Each Drink A Different Kind Of Beverage Smoke Different Brand Of Cigar And Keep A Different Pet The British Man Lives In A Red House The Swedish Man Keeps Dogs As Pets The Danish Man Drinks Tea The Green House Is Next To And On The Left Of The White House The Owner Of The Green House Drinks Coffee The Person Who Smokes Pall Mall Rears Birds The Owner Of The Yellow House Smokes Dunhill The Man Li Organic Chemistry Riddles Riddle To Take You Road Safety Rid Riddles Theatre Riddles Under The Pillow Riddles What Can Never Be Put In A Saucepan Riddles What Kind Of Horses Go Out At Night Riddles When Someone Else Ate You Became Full Of Me What Am I Riddles You Are Standing In Front Of A Room With One Lightbulb Inside Of It You Cannot See If It Is On Or Off Outside The Room There Are Three Switches In The Off Positions You May Turn The Switches Any Way You Want To You Stop Turning The Switches Enter The Room And Know Which Switch Controls The Li Riddles
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Easter Egg Day Riddles

What day does an Easter Egg hate the most?
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