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Switch Or Stick Riddle

There are three doors: Door 1, Door 2, and Door 3. Behind one of these doors lies eternal bliss, but behind the others lies eternal despair. You are allowed to choose any door, and you pick Door 1. Suddenly, Door 3 is swung open and revealed to be despair! You are give another choice: you may stick with the door you chose (1) or switch to the other (2). What should you do?
The answer may surprise you: switch. Due to something called the Monty Hall Paradox, you will statistically have a better chance of making the "correct" choice. The concept is as follows:

Door 1 Door 2 Door 3

All have an equal chance to be correct:

Door 1: 1/3 Door 2: 1/3 Door 3: 1/3

After choosing Door 1, the remaining two have a 2/3 chance of containing the right choice:

Door1: 1/3 Doors 2 3: 2/3

If Door 3 is removed, the probability does not shift to 50:50. Instead, it is:

Door 1: 1/3 Door 2: 2/3

Thus, you should switch.
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