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A Person Woke Up From Their Night Sleep Got Some Cereal Got In His Car Ri Riddles Big As A Biscuit Deep As A Cup Even A River Cant Fill It Up What Is It Riddles Brown And Old By Day White And Young By Night I Have None Riddles Can You Name A Color That Doesnt Have Xex In It Riddles Industrial Revolution Rid Riddles It Says To Find Me You Must Change Me I Am No Riddle January Febiary March April May June J Riddles John Had 200k Mary Has 5k Mark Will Ha Riddles Kannada Movie Name Riddlesist With Erections Sometime Giant Balls Han Laundry Bag Ridd Riddles Let Me Ask You A A Man Is Found Dead In The Room Hanging From The Ceiling Leaving Him 1m Away From The Ground Enclosed Room With No Window And Door Is Sealed Shut With No Gap Temperature In The Room Is 50degree Autopsy Conducted And Found Out That He Had Been Dead For A Week And He Committed Suicide But Nothing In The Room Can Help Him Commit Suicide Question How Did He Committed Suicide Riddles Lets Imagine The F Ri Riddles
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The Ill Country Riddle

Which country gets ill every time ?
Brazil (BRAZ-IL)
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