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A Man Is Found Dead On A Sunday Morning His Wife Call The Police Immediately The Police Question The Wife And Staff The Wife Said He Was Asleep Tha Cook Said He Was Cooking Breakfast Riddles A Man Worked At A High Security Institution The Man Tried To Log Into His Computer And The Computer Denied The Pword He Then Remembered That The Pwords To The Computers Were Reset Every Month For Security Reasons He Called His Boss For His New Pword The Man Said Boss My Riddles A Serial Killer Kidnapped People And Made Them Take 1 Of 2 Pills One Was Harmless And The Other Was Poisonous Whichever Pill A Victim Took The Serial Killer Took The Other One Each Victim Took Their Pill With Water And Died The Kil Riddles Broken Heart Riddles Grapes Riddles Heartbreak Riddles I Am The Most Slippery In The Wor Riddles Ican Go Up Ican Go Down With Out Moving Riddles Inventor Riddles Kitchen Equipment Riddles Me This A Bus Is Travelling To Auckland With 20 People Including The Bus Driver Onboard The Bus Crashes And Everyone Dies The Riddles Short Riddles What Do You Call The Three Little Pigs Story Riddles What Is So Delicate That Saying Its Name Breaks I Riddles You Have 7 Candles Lit Two Of Them Go Out How Many Candles Do You Riddles
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Drink Me When You're Cold

I am a drink that is made when you're cold. Some add marshmallows no matter if young or old.
Hot chocolate
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