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For The Love Of Sugar

Jessy was an average girl that LOVED sugar. One day she decided to make a batch of cookies. She looked in her cabinet and saw that there was only one cup of sugar in there. Jessy went to the store and bought three cups of sugar. She put them ALL on the table. Jessy takes one. How many does she have?
If you guessed one... you are absolutely right. There were some of the best tricks in this quiz. I will only tell one. But first I will tell you why you should have got that answer. In the beggining it says "She looked in her cabinet and saw that there was only one cup of suger in there." Many people forget about that part. Also, some people think that the riddle says that she takes away one. She doesn't. she TAKES ONE. She has ONE. One trick used in this was that I used many extra things in it that didn't have to do with the riddle. It just makes you examine them harder and gets you more confused.
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