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A Man Is Sitting In A House At Night That Has No Lights On At All There Is No Lamp No Candle Nothing Yet He S Re Riddles A Sick And Old Man Lives Alone In A Small House Since D Man Is Sick He Cannot Move By Himself So He Requires Amenities To Be Delivered To His House One Friday The Postman Wh Riddles A Train Rolls Into The Station Exactly On Time The Train Is Not Full But No One Gets On All Trains That Stop At The P Riddles Difficult Christmas Riddles Family Relationships Riddlesout Sleepin Greater Than God More Evil Than Devil Riddles I Am A Metamorphic Rock Dark Grey In Colour I Am Used In Making Roofs And Blackboard Riddles If Thre Are 4 Riddles If You Tell Me The T Riddles Im Hard And Hairy On The Outside And Soft And Wet On The Inside Start With C Ends With T And Has A U In Between Rid Riddles Laundry Room Riddles Let Me Ask You A A Man Is Found Dead In The Room Hanging From The Ceiling Leaving Him 1m Away From Riddles What Is Light As A Feather Riddles What Is The Best Way To Serve Lion Meat Riddles What Kind Of Turtle Likes Things Fast Riddles
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A Cowboys Dog

What does the cowboy say when his dog leaves?
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