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2 Ladies Walk Into A Restaurant And They Both Order Iced Teaonce They Got The Tea One Lady Drunk All Of It Quickly And The Other Lady Waited To Drink Itthe Next Day The Lady Who Waited To Drink The Iced Tea Riddles How Do You Know That Hot Riddles I Am Word Of 3 Letters Spelt The Same Backwards And Forwards Turn Me Upside Down I Become Riddles I Have Keys But No Locks I Have Space But No Room You Can Enter But Riddles If A Rooster Laid A Brown Egg And A White Egg What Kind Of Chick Would Hatch Riddles If John Has 200k And Mary Has 200k Marry Has 5k And Mark Has 500k Who Will Have The Most Money Riddles Im At Least 6 Inches Long I Like It Wet And Foamy When I Get To Domy Jo Riddles In A Street There Are Five Houses Painted Five Different Colours In Each House Lives A Person Of D Riddles Mailbox Riddles Neighbor Riddles Sage Riddles What Broke First Riddle What Did The Boy Snake Say To Riddles What Does A Oak Tree Do At The E Riddles Whats The Most Col Riddles
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A Baby's Favorite Reptile Riddle

What's a baby's favorite reptile?
A rattlesnake
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