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A Detecdetective Dismas Of The Uganda Police Department Ugpd Was Investigating A Murder At Isbat It Was A Difficult Case And Dismas Was Completely Stumped Until He Noticed A Messag Riddles A Man Was Outside Taking A Walk When It Started To Rain The Man Didnt Have An Umbrella And He Wasnt Wearing A Hat His Clothes Got Soaked Yet Not A Single Hair On His Head Got Riddles Brown And Old By Day White And Young By Night My Eyes Are Gli Have 9 Faces But No Head I Sing To The Sky But Riddle From Your Mother In Law Riddles How Many Bananas Can U Eat If Your Stomach Is Empty Riddles L Was Going To Bleach H Riddles Oreos Riddles Programmer Riddles The More You Take The More You Leave Behind W Riddles What Commone Eleven Le Riddles What Goes Up And Down But S Riddles What Is Invisible And Makes People Suffer From Symptoms Riddles What Is The One Question You Can Never Say Yes To If You Were Able To The Answer Would Be No Riddles,er Would Be No Riddles, Whiteboard Riddles You Play With Me At Night Before Going To Sleep You Cant G Ri Riddles
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Kept In Suspense Riddle

How can you keep someone in suspense?
I'll tell you later
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