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A Man Left Home Running He Ran A Ways And Then Turned Left Ran The Same Distance And Turned Left Again Ran The Same Distance And Turned Left Again When He Got Home There Were Two Masked Men There Who Were They Riddles An Ex Policeman Lost His House His Car And His Job Wh Riddles Answer Is Volleyball Riddles Hawaii Riddles I Go Around In Circles But Always Straight Riddles If I Drop I Say My Name If I Touch Rock F Riddles If You Were Alone In A Deserted House At Riddles It Has Four Legs But Cannot Walk It Also Has Back Riddles Name Of A Ham Riddles Starts With T Ri Riddles Walnut Riddles Weight Lifting Riddles Which Organ Of Girls Gets Wet When Fingered Riddles You Can Navigate By The Sun And Stars But Theres Another Way Thats The Best An Item That Uses Magnetiv Field To Point Which Riddles You Throw Away The Outside And Cook He Inside Then You Eat The Outside Riddles
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Fish Wish Riddle

Who made the fish's wish come true?
Its fairy cod-mother
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