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A Man Is Found Dead D On A Sunday A Day Morning His Wife Calls The Police Immediately The Police Question The Wife And The Staff The Wife Said She Was Asleep The Cook Said He Was Cooking Breakfast The Gardener Said She Was Riddles Coat Closet Riddles Did You Hear Anbou Riddles Household Objects Riddles I Flew To Japan I Brought Shoes And Brought A Shirt What Did I Buy First Riddles Iam The Planet That Everyone Calls Red Riddles Mouse Riddles Nak Aahe Pan Shwas Ghet Nahi Kon Riddles Perfume Riddle Riddles Porn Riddles Shine Brightest In The Dark I Am There But Cannot Seen To With Me Cost You Nothing To Be Without Me Cost You Everything Riddles Tennis Court Riddles, What Do You Call Two Identical Parake Riddles Who Keeps The Ocean Clean Riddles Why Can You Not Take The Picture Of A Woman With Hair Curlers Riddlesddles
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Throw Me Riddle

To Throw Me, you'd Prefer a crowd. What Am I?
A Party
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