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Pongo And Perdita's Litter

How many dalmatian puppies are in pongo and perdita's litter?
How many dalmatian puppies are in pongo and perdita's litter?
In the movie 101 Dalmatians, the dalmatian couple Pongo and Perdita originally had 15 puppies of their own.

As the story progresses, they were able to rescue 99 puppies from Cruella de Vil. (Pongo is the 100th and Perdita is the 101st)

It can be a source of confusion for many, especially those who have read the book, because in the book, Perdita was not Pongo's wife. His wife was referred to as Mrs. Pongo. Perdita is another dalmatian parent who lost her litter to Cruella De Vil. Although not specified in the book, it was believed that she had 8 puppies in her litter.
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