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700 Am You Are Asleep And There Is A Sudden Knock On The Door Behind The Door Are Your Parents Who Came To Have Breakfast In Your Fridge Bread Milk Pasteurized Juice And A Jar Of Jam Question What Riddles A Barrel Of Water Weights 20 Pounds What Must You Add To It To Make It Weight 12 Pound Riddles A Man Sees A Door A Gold Door A Diamond Door And A Silver Door Wh Riddles A Man Wanted To Enter An Exclusive Club But Did Not Know The Pword That Was Required He Waited By The Door And Listened A Club Member Knocked On The Door And The Doorman Said Twelve The Member Replied Six And Was Let In A Second Member Came To The Door And The Doorman Said Six The Member Replied Three And Was Let In The Man Thought He Had Heard Enough And Walked Up To The Door The Doorman S Riddles A Man Worked A Riddles A Person Drives At Home Just In Time To Hear One Chime From The Grandfather Clock A Half Hour Later It Strikes Once Another Half Hour It Chimes Once Still Another Half Hour Later It Chimes Once Wh Riddles A Person Wakes Up In Riddles A Pound Of Feathers Or A Pound Of Rocks Riddles A Railroad Crossing Look For The Cars Riddles A Single Mother Had A Baby She Was Poor And The Baby Didnt Havefoodclothesshoes What Else Didnt The Baby Not Have Riddles A Teacher Wont Stop Yelling She Closes All Of The Doors And Window Riddles A Wkmen Gave Bieth Riddles Adult Halloween Riddles All Day Long Its In And Out I Discharge Load Riddles I Am In Football But Not In Cricket I Am Present In A Dog But Not In A Cat Iam Also In A House But Not In A Bank What Am I Riddles
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Lose Me Once Riddle

Lose me once I'll come back stronger, lose me twice I'll leave forever, what am I?
Lose me once I'll come back stronger, lose me twice I'll leave forever, what am I?
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