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A Man In The Car He Sees A Gold Silver Door Diam Riddles A Sick And Old Man Lives Alone In A Small House Since D Man Is Sick He Cannot Move By Himself So He Requires Amenities To Be Delivered To His House One Friday The Postman Who Brings His Letters Riddles Add And Subtract Linear Ex Riddles An Ex Policeman Lost His House His Car And His Girlfriend Wat Did He Loose Firat Riddles Answers Bookcase Riddles Household Objects Riddles If You Tell Me The Truth I Will Kill You With My Sword Riddles It May Have Pi But Eaten It Can Be Ri Riddles Jimmy Was Arrested For Murder Think You Are Jimmy You Are In A Cell With No Door There Is One Window Which Is Very High He Has Two Days Because He Wil Riddles There Is An Extremely Inexpensive Riddles What Do You Get When You Cross A Computer With A Freezer Riddles What Goes Up When The R Riddles What Is A Ghosts Favorite Riddles What Starts Off Riddles Why Are There No Living Cats On Mars Rid R Ri Riddles
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