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2 Fathers And 2 Sons Sat Down To Eat Eggs For Breakfast They Ate Exactly Three Eggs Each Person Had One Eggex Riddleseggex Riddles A Boy Had Sex Using Protection Riddles A Man In A Car Sees A Door A Gold Door A Diamond Door And A Silver Door Which Will Be Open Riddles A Man Was Found Dead With A Riddles How Many Animals Are Hoing Towards The River Riddles I Go Up And Go Down In Sky Riddles I Have 6 Eggs I Broke 2 Boiled 2 Ate 2 How Many Are Left Riddles Liquid But Riddles Me This A Bus Is Travellin Riddles My Neighbors Think Im A Nosy Old Woman But Today I Witnessed A Murder I Was Looking Out My Window When I Saw Something Through The Riddles On Earrings Riddles There Is A School Shooting To Keep The Kids Save The Teachers Gather The Kids In The Corner Turned Off The Lights What Did The Teacher Forgot To Do Me This Riddles What Do The Cookie And Computer Have In Common Riddles When I Am Alive You Sing When I Am Dead You Clap Your Hands What Am I Riddles You Can See Me In Water But Can Never Get Wetwhat Am I Ri R Riddles
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