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How Can You F Riddles To Solve

Solving How Can You F Riddles

Here we've provide a compiled a list of the best how can you f puzzles and riddles to solve we could find.

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Eight Pills Riddle

Take any six pills and divide them into two groups of three each. Weigh putting the 3 pills on each side. If one side weigh's heavier than another, the heavier side consists of the poisonous pill. From the three pill in heavier side, weigh two pills. If one pill is heavier than another, the heavy one is poisonous pill. If both pill weigh same, the remaining third pill is poisonous. If all the 6 pill weigh the same, weigh the remaining two pill and heavy one is poisonous.
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12 Islanders Teeter Totter Riddle

Six on one side - six on the other = one side is heavier.

Take the heavier six men, divide them into three and three (random).

Three on one side - three on the other = one side will one heavier.

Divide that three men from the heavier side side, have one on one side - one on the other.

Two results can determine which of the last three men weight is a different weight than each other.

With the last group of three men, have two men go head-to-head. The see-saw will either weight different: one weights more than the other man meaning the heavier man is the "12th man" or the see-saw will balance between the two men because they are the same weight. That means the third man standing on the sidelines by default weights more than the last two men weighted. Thus making that man on the sidelines the "12th man" that weights more than other 11.

Heavier wins 6v6; winner gets divided. Heavier wins 3v3; winner gets divided. Heavier wins 1v1 (12th man) or Equal 1v1 = third man weight more, he's the 12th man.

You could find the same results changing the process and picking from the lighter group three times. You’re only trying to find the difference in weight. Not the exact weight (more or less) of that "12th man."

Lightest 6v6; Lightest 3v3; Lightest 1v1 or Equal 1v1 = third man weight less.
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Find That Tennis Ball

Put three of the balls on each side. If they are even the ball that wasn't weighed is the light one. If they aren't even the side that is lighter has the light ball. Of these three balls, one should be put on each side. If the sides are even than the other ball is the light one. If they aren't even the one that is lighter is the ball you're looking for.
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