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700 Am You Are Asleep And There Is A Sudden Knock On The Door Behind The Door Are Your Parents Who Came To Have B Riddles A Lady Is Unlocking The Door To Her Round House When She Hears A Scream She Goes In And Finds Her Husband Dead The Butcher Says I Was Chopping Meat The Cook Says I Was Cooking Fi Riddles Count There Were Over 2300534 Of These In The Us While You Cant See All Of Them Chances A Man Pushed His Car He Stopped When He Reached A Hotel At Which Point He Knew He Was Bankrupt Why Ri Riddles All Men Have One But Its Longer On Some Than Others The Pope Never Uses His And A Man Gives It To His Wife Oncetheyre Married Riddles An Ex Policeman Lost His House His Girlfri Riddles Can You Name The Colour That Doesnt Have A E Riddles Florida Riddle Riddle I Am In Football But Not In Cricket I Am Present In A Dog But Not In A Cat Iam Also In A House But Not In Riddles Im White Amd Perfect For Cutting And Grindi Riddles It Is A Tin Riddles Pruthiv Bhauti Phirto Pan Chandra Nave Pavsacha Bhavisa Sangto Pan Jyotishi Nave Riddles The Queen And The Riddles There Was A Green House Inside The Green House There Was A White House Inside The White House There Was A Red House Inside The Red House There Were Lots Of Babies Riddles What Do Ghost Put On Top Of An Ice Cream Sundae Riddles What Has Rivers But No Water Cities But No Buildings Forests B Riddle
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