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Solve These Lord of the Rings Riddles

Lord Of The Rings Riddles
The future of civilization rests in the fate of the One Ring, which has been lost for centuries. Powerful forces are unrelenting in their search for it. But fate has placed it in the hands of a young Hobbit named Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), who inherits the Ring and steps into legend. A daunting task lies ahead for Frodo when he becomes the Ringbearer - to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged.

Alive Without Breath Riddle

Did you answer this riddle correctly?

8 Hobbits Riddle

A hobbyte
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

The Fire He Breathed Riddle

A dragon
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Wingless Flutters

Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Saruman's Marriage Riddle

Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Sauron And The Easter Bunny Riddle

Nobody knows, no one has seen either one.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Naming The Wizard Riddle

Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Lord Of The Rings Movie Riddle

The fans were Baggins for it
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Dancing Elves Riddle

It must be Christmas time.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Ruining The Match Riddle

He tried to destroy the ring!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Rolling Stones And Borimir Riddle

Have you not heard? One does not simply rock into Mordor!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Frodo Reading Riddle

Because it was hobbit-forming!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

How Many Quarters Riddle

None... it only takes Tolkiens!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Dancing Trees Riddle

That's ENT-ertainment!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Dark Lord Of Chicken Riddle

Lord of the wings
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

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1. What do you call a hobbit that's really good at math?

A Frodonometer!

2. Why did Frodo agree to take the Ring to Mordor?

Because he figured he'd be "ringing in" a new era of peace!

3. How do you tell the difference between Pippin and Merry?

Just listen closely – one's a little more "merry" than the other!

4. What did Aragorn say when he finally defeated the evil Sauron?

"I guess you could say Sauron's soul is now in 'Mo-RDOR'!"

5. Why did Gandalf take up gardening after defeating the Balrog?

He needed to 'sow' things were still looking up!

6. Why did Gollum never win at hide and seek?

Because he was always just around the 'precccccioussss' corner!

7. Why did Legolas hate watching movies?

Because he thought all the CGI orcs were a total "elf-fake"!

8. What do you call it when Sam cooks hobbit food with a little too much spice?

A "Sam-witch"!

9. How did the Fellowship feel about Gandalf's sudden "disappearance" in Moria?

They thought he was just pulling a "Balrog-and-switch"!

10. Why was Saruman always so tired?

Because he stayed up all night 'Eye of Sauron' the skies!

11. Why did Eowyn want to be a veterinarian?

To heal the horses of Rohirrim!

12. How do you know if you're talking to a dead orc?

They're a little bit "foul-tongued!"

13. What do you call the Dwarf with a high-pitched voice?

A Gimli-mouse!

14. Why did Arwen always seem to have a cold?

Because she had Elfyenza!

15. Why did Gollum never shop online?

He was afraid the shipping would take 'precious'ly long!

16. What do you call a Hobbit who's afraid of the dark?

A Pippin-noid!

17. How do Hobbits describe the one Ring to rule them all?

As "ring-volting"!

18. Why didn't the hobbits trust the trees in Fangorn Forest?

Because they "could never be-leaf" their eyes!

19. What do you call a dwarf that sings when very happy?

A Joyful Gimli!

20. How do you get Aragorn to laugh at a joke?

Tell him it's a "Rings-dinger"!

21. Why did Gimli turn down a date with Galadriel?

Because he thought he could do "Bette-reil"!

22. Why do Orcs only have one word for everything?

Because they're not very "Tolkien-tive"!

23. Why did Boromir always lose a staring contest?

Because he blinked "gaud-halfrin"!

24. Why did Sam always have a second breakfast?

Because he was too "Hobbidious" to resist!

25. Why did Saruman never take a bath?

Because he thought a "Morgoth of time" would pass until he was clean!

26. What does Gollum always say at the dentist?

"Sméagol fees!"

27. Why did the orcs love visiting Lothlórien?

Because they thought the Elves were "Naughty-hobbits," too!

28. What do you call an epic battle on a Hobbit bed?

A "Pillow of Minas Tirith"!

29. Why did Aragorn always kiss his sword before battle?

Because he wanted it to be "sharp-ondae"!

30. Why don't elves wear socks?

Because they prefer to go bare-"Foot-hills"!

31. What's Bilbo's favorite hairstyle?

A "Fro-mourney"!

32. Why was Legolas always so calm in battle?

Because he was an "Elvish Zen-archer"!

33. What's the difference between Gollum and a cheesy pizza?

One's Greasy, and the other is "precious"!

34. Why did Frodo never stop for a bathroom break on his journey?

Because he was so "Hobbit-ual"!

35. How did the hobbits know they were almost to Mordor?

They could "mount-doom" in the distance!

36. Why does Bilbo like to eat mushrooms?

Because they suit him "Tolkienly"!

37. Why did the ringwraiths always seem to be camping out?

Because they thought it was "wraithlessly-important"!

38. How do you get Sauron to stop chasing after Frodo?

Throw a "Ring-pop" in the other direction!

39. Why did Arwen never become a traffic cop?

Because she couldn't stand the idea of a "foul-up"!

40. What's Frodo's favorite online shopping website?


41. How did you make an Ent laugh?

Tell them a "tree-mendous" joke!

42. Why did Gollum never wear clothes?

Because he was too "Gollum-less"!

43. What's the best way to keep an Orc out of your garden?

Plant a "Mordor-gin Hedges"!

44. How did Bilbo get a black eye?

He looked too long into the "Eye of Sauron"!

45. Why did Pippin always carry a broom on his journey?

Because he wanted to "sweep the Fellowship off their feet"!

46. How do you cure a Hobbit's toothache?

Ex-tract it!

47. Why did Aragorn make such a good mentor for the hobbits?

Because he was "Ranger-danger-ously fun"!

48. What do you call a tree that tells jokes?

A "Laughing-phot"!

49. Why did Gollum never play with Legos?

Because he kept calling them "Leg-o-las"!

50. What's Frodo's favorite sports team?

The Lord of the Rings-peppers!
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