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A Smile To Your Face

A baby!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

A Dry Shower Riddle

A baby shower!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Small And Tiny Riddle

A baby!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Dimples And A Nose

A new baby!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

1 + 1 = 3 Riddle

When you're pregnant!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

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1. I'm no longer just a party of two; a bun in the oven means soon there'll be three!

2. Our family tree is growing a new branch thanks to a little seed.

3. Looks like our house will soon be filled with love, laughter, and a baby's cry.

4. The word of the day is "pregnant"- and it applies to me!

5. The stork is on its way to bring a precious package to our home sweet home.

6. The countdown begins- 40 weeks until we meet our little human.

7. My heart is bursting with joy, because there's a little heartbeat growing inside of me.

8. My belly is expanding faster than my wardrobe thanks to a tiny new addition.

9. I can't wait to hold my little one in my arms and gaze at the miracle that's become a part of me.

10. There's a new tenant in my tummy- and we're excited to meet them in 9 months!

11. As of now, my husband and I are no longer "just the two of us" - we're building a trio!

12. The milkshakes and pickles aren't for me anymore- they're for the little guy or gal growing inside my belly.

13. Our love story continues- now we'll become a family of three!

14. My belly is like a garden, and it's growing a precious little seed to love and protect.

15. I may be carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders- but it's all worth it for the new life growing within me.

16. Our family vacation just got a little bit cuter- a tiny traveler will be joining us soon!

17. It's official- I've got a little bun in the oven!

18. We're expanding our horizons as a family, and adding a precious new member to the mix.

19. We're getting ready to become a party of (insert number of kids and counting)!

20. My belly bump is growing like a balloon- and soon we'll find out if it's pink, blue, or somewhere in between!

21. My husband and I aren't just partners anymore- we're teammates preparing to raise a little MVP.

22. There's a lot riding on this new chapter of our lives- but we're ready for the challenge, and for the little one we'll be raising.

23. We're busy picking out baby names and nursery themes- life is getting a lot more interesting!

24. Pregnancy is a journey, and I've got the world's cutest passenger on board.

25. My husband and I have started a new project- we're building a little human together!

26. My inner and outer glow is stronger than ever, thanks to the little life growing inside me.

27. Our cat is about to become a big brother- and we're pretty sure he's thrilled about it!

28. We're in the midst of the biggest renovation project of our lives- preparing to become parents!

29. Our hearts and home are about to become a lot cozier- a little one is on the way!

30. It's official- I'm cooking a baby alongside dinner!

31. It only took nine months of secret prep work- but we're finally ready to announce our little miracle!

32. We've decided to add a new member to our family- and they'll have the best big siblings ever.

33. We're putting a little extra love into every step, because there's a precious little someone growing inside my belly.

34. We're excited to embark on the adventure of a lifetime- parenthood!

35. There's just one small caveat to our family dinner plans tonight- I'm eating for two!

36. We're getting ready to put the "care" back in the term childcare- our little one will have the best life with us.

37. My husband and I are excited to announce our upcoming production- starring a little one due in _______!

38. There's a little life in my belly, and I can't wait to watch them learn, laugh, and love.

39. My husband and I are growing a tiny human- and it feels like the most important thing in the world.

40. It's the biggest surprise we've ever received- we're thrilled to welcome a new life into our family.

41. "We're pregnant" may be a term we will never truly understand- but we're over the moon to be having a baby!

42. My cravings have gone from pickles and ice cream to baby clothes and nursery decor.

43. Our home is about to gain a tiny superhero thanks to a little one on the way.

44. We're grateful for this opportunity to create a precious new life and bring them into our world.

45. My body is going through big changes, but what excites me most is the miracle of the little life growing within me.

46. Our family is expanding, and our hearts are growing along with it.

47. It's official- being a mother-to-be comes with a lot of perks, including extra pillows and all the food I could want.

48. My husband and I are thrilled to trade date nights for family nights with our little one on the way.

49. We're getting ready to welcome a little sunshine into our family- and can't wait to watch them grow and thrive.

50. My husband and I have started a new (and slightly more long-term!) home renovation project- getting ready to become parents.