Fun Facts (Hints)

Did you know that the art of the riddle is seen in many forms throughout the history of the world. Check out these interesting tidbits of information related to the world's most famous form of humor throughout history:
  • Riddle type poems and the such are placed throughout many important pieces of historical literature.
  • Artifacts containing riddles were obtained in Central America in the late 1900's. These riddles are often attributed to the Ancient Mesopotamiam civilization that lived there.
  • In many African cultures, the riddle is/was used in folklore, to pass down traditions and as a rite of passage for youth into adulthood.
  • The Ancient Greeks believed that a person's ability to solve riddles was a good way to measure their intelligence.
  • According to Greek folklore, the Sphinx sat outside of the ancient city of Thebes and posed riddles to passersby. If the travelers responded with the wrong answer, they met their demise.
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    Hint: This word is heavy.
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