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A Man Is Found Dead On A Sunday Morning His Wife Call The Police Immediately The Police Question The Wife And Staff The Wife Said He Was Asleep Tha Cook Said He Was Cooking Breakfast The Gardener Said She Was Picking Vegetables Tha Riddles A Neutron Walks Into A Cafe Orders Breakfast And Ask The Waiter How Much Will That Be Riddles Door Mat Riddles Fast Mouse Riddles Fast Riddles I Drink The Blood Of The Earth And The Trees Fear My Roar Yet A Man May Hold Me In His Hands Riddles John Had 500 Anna Has 400 Peter Had 700 Who Had The Most Riddles My Dog Had Seven Puppies Puppy Number One Name Is Monday Puppy Number To Name Is Tuesday Puppy Number Three Name Is Wednesday Puppy Know Before Name Is Thursday Puppy No 6 Name Is Saturday Puppy Nu Riddles Tamil Riddles The My Dog Had Seven Puppies Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday An Sunday What Is The Puppies N Riddles,,day An Sunday What Is The P What Exam Does An Exterminator Have To Take Riddles Why Did The Piano Player Bang Her Head Against The Keyboard Riddles You Are Sleeping And You Are Hungry And You Have Butter Cheese And Palony In The Fridge What Will You Open First Riddles You Get Alot Of It If Yo Riddles You Will Always Find Me In The Past I Can Be Created In The Present But The Future Can Never Taint Me What Am I Riddles
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From The Tops Of Trees Riddle

I like to use my long tongue
To eat leaves from tops of trees
I dont have to climb up though
With my long neck its a breeze
What am I?
A giraffe.
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