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700 Am And You Are Asleep And There Is A Sudden Knock On Your Door Behind The Door Is Your Parents Who Came To Have Breakf Riddles 90 Riddles A Man Condemned To Death Has The Option Of Picking One Of The Mentioned The Three Rooms The First Room Is A Fu Riddles A Man Is Found Dead D On A Sunday A Day Morning His Wife Calls The Police Immediately The Police Question The Wife And The Staff The Wife Said She Was Asl Riddles, Computer Riddles On Parts Of Computer Cycle Ball Banana Monkey Kannada Movie Name Riddlesonkey Ka I Am A Go On Riddles I Get Wet When Dying Riddles If A Fruit Comes From A Tree Were Does A Turkey Come From Riddles If A Giraffe Has Two Eyes A Monkey Has 2 Eyes And An Elephant Has 2 Eyes How Many Eyes Do You Have Riddles Ser Rid Riddlesia Is Watching Television Anna Is To Spice Up Your Friday Riddles Two Squirrels Sat In A Pine Tree One Decided To Jump Down And Gather Food How Many Squirrels Are Now In The Tree Riddles What Doe Riddles Wjat Does An Oak Tree Do At The End Of A Riddles
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The Wrong Time Riddle

Who always told Dorothy the wrong time?
The Wicked Watch of the West.
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