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The riddles all share simple rules:
  • They have one intended answer. While some riddles seem to have multiple solutions, there was only one solution in mind when writing them. There may be more than one answer that feels like a great answer, but ideally there is one answer that feels like a perfect fit once you think of it.
  • Each line is important and the answer fulfills all clues given in the riddle.
  • Some clues may refer to homophones, which are words that are pronounced the same way but differ in either (or both) spelling or meaning.
  • Most importantly, they are not perfect! These are wordplay riddles and they are sometimes based on unpopular connotative meanings, common phrases, common idioms, tricky and misleading phrasing, etc. Please be mindful of the imperfect nature of this style of riddle. Some of the solutions may not seem fully satisfactory, but you can be sure they were meant to be. [1]
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    Riddle of the Day 04-29-17

    The purpose of these riddles is first to be entertaining, but beyond that they accentuate different ways of thinking about everyday things, different ways of describing attributes of objects in a less common way, and new ways of looking at the "well that's one way to put it" sentiment that is hard to define. [1]

    Get started having fun in solving our collection of riddles below!

    All Around Riddle

    A fence
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    Mom Is Ready To Take On The Day

    This is an original riddle for mom to share with family on Mother's Day. Can you figure out what the 4 pictures represent and solve the riddle?
    Hint: It's highly addictive.
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    Sentence With All Letters

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
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    Pinocchio Paradox Riddle

    His nose did grow when he said it would, but his nose is only supposed to grow when he lies, and his nose would grow even though he told the truth, and the paradox appears to exist again.

    You can prove that's not true because he created a self fulfilling prophecy when he said his nose was going to grow bigger because saying that was saying he was going to lie.

    In order to lie; he had to tell the truth, and say that he was lying, when he was really telling the truth, which would be a lie.

    He did say he was lying because he said his nose was going to grow, and even though he said he was lying, he was actually telling the truth; which means he was lying about lying, or lying about not telling the truth.

    His nose did grow, and he did tell the truth, but he said he was lying when he was telling the truth, which was the lie that made his nose grow.

    Since his nose didn't grow after he told the truth, but after he lied about not telling the truth; the paradox doesn't exist.

    That second answer actually works for both scenarios, where as the first answer only works for the first scenario, so I suppose you can say the second answer is the correct one.
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    1968 Penny

    Its one more penny. $19.68 is more than $19.67.
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    Bobby's World

    Everything that is in Bobbys world has to have a double letter in it for example

    1. Theres GRASS but no dirt
    2. Theres CATTLE but no cows
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    Where Am I Located

    The letter 'h'. It is the middle letter of the word 'nowhere'
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    Give Me Food And I Will Live Give Me Water And I Will Die

    A fire.
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    Prince Age Riddle

    Current Future Past

    Princess x 2z (x+y)/2
    Prince y x z

    I then created three equations, since the difference in their age will always be the same.

    d = the difference in ages

    x y = d
    2z x = d
    x/2 + y/2 z = d

    I then created a matrix and solved it using row reduction.

    x y z

    1 -1 0 d
    -1 0 2 d
    .5 .5 -1 d

    It reduced to:

    x y z

    1 0 0 4d
    0 1 0 3d
    0 0 1 5d/2

    This means that you can pick any difference you want (an even one presumably because you want integer ages).

    Princess age: 4d
    Prince age: 3d

    Ages that work


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    Father's Sister's Sister-in-law Be To You

    Your mother
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    2 4 12 48 240 Riddle

    240. To get the number, multiply the previous number in the series by its position. 48 is in the 5th position, so 48 � 5 = 240
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