Fun Facts (Hints)

Need some riddle facts to get those thinking juices flowing? Here are some cool pieces of information for people who love a good brain teaser:
  • Exercising your brain by teasing it, is said to have great affects on mental development and acuity.
  • Riddles and brain teasers are also social rituals that are considered very important in many different cultures.
  • The oldest recorded riddle, still in tact is from Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • There were many brain teasers written in old English poetry.
  • Brain teasers and riddles are heavily used in modern entertainment. One recent example is the "Saw" scary movie series.
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    Brain Teaser Games
    Brain teaser games aren't for everyone, but they are a great deal of fun for people who love problem solving and creative thinking.

    Are you a person who appreciates being forced to think differently and creatively? Then this collection of riddle games comprised by our staff will be a great way to spend your free time daily.

    These games will challenge you on almost every step of the way so be prepared. When you take on these questions you're going to be in for lots of "aha" and "that's it, got it" moments!

    But don't worry, even problem solvers with the least bit of experience can play these mind teasing games, still have fun, and even gain some new wisdom along the way.

    Tell Us What You See

    Hint: Stare at the white contrast.
    Man's face wearing a hat
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    Finding The Angles


    At first look, it seems pretty easy but on the contrary, it is pretty tricky a question. So let us simplify it by dividing the triangle into three equal triangles (the triangles so formed if outer side is connected to the center of the circle) and then count the number of triangles in each part by taking two or more parts together.

    First, let us take the triangles in one part. There are 4 non-overlapping and 3 overlapping triangles.
    4 + 3 = 7
    7 * 3 = 21

    Next, if we take number of triangles by taking two parts together, there are 8 in total.
    8 * 3 = 24

    Lastly, the number of triangles if all three parts are taken together, there are a total of 2.

    21 + 24 + 2 = 47.
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    Squaring Up Riddle


    Let us say that the smallest of the square is of 1 unit side.
    We have 6 such squares. Now moving up, if we see the squares with side 2 units, we have 8 of them. Similarly we have 2 squares with side 3 units and 1 square with side 4 units.

    6 + 8 + 2 + 1 = 17 squares.
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    Adriano De Armado's Servant Riddle

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    Mixed Words Riddle

    1. Golyrbi : Girl - Boy
    2. Gondylou : Young - Old
    3. WpnuOd : Up - Down
    4. naawmnom : Man - Woman
    5. Titlghfer : Right - Left
    6. Egmooc : Come - Go
    7. Ydignhat : Day - Night
    8. Yyiannnurs : Sunny - Rainy
    9. Mmweetrrinus : Summer - Winter
    10. ciiavelglyt : City - Village
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    The Elf Plans Riddle

    Hint: Poor old Dancer was last.
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    The Unusual Paragraph

    This paragraph is so unusual because there are no "e"s
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    3 Fruits Riddle

    Orange, Lemon and Peach.
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    The Number Pattern Riddle


    Each line, excluding the first, describes the one before it.

    11 <---describes 1st line, read as "one 1"
    21 <---describes 2nd line, read as "two 1's"
    1211 <---describes 3rd line, read as "one 2 two 1's"
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    Three Trees Riddle

    Mahogany, pine and larch.
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