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A Boy Had Sex Using Protection A Few Weeks Later His Girlfriend Called And Said She Riddles A Girl Was Crying Because Her Boyfriend Left Her She Broke A Glbottle A Chair And Shattered An Expensive Vase What B Riddlesensive Vase What B Riddles Alpaca R Riddles An Open Ended Barrel I Am Shaped Like A Hive I Am Filled With The Flesh And The Fl Riddlesl Riddles Before Mt Everest Was Discovered As The Highest M Riddles,ist With Erections Sometime Giant Balls Hang From Me Big Swingrer Break Riddles I Can Bring Tears To Your Eyes Ressurec Ridd Riddles I Have 7 Candles Lit 2 Blew Out How Many Candles I Have Left Riddles Riddles I M Sometimes Dark But I M Not A Dark Room With Curtains I M Seen On Hook But I M Not A Coat I M Orange But I M Not Orang Riddles I Spin I Shake I Am Frozen I Am Molten I Am Wet As An Ocean I Am Dry As A Desert I Am All These At Once Wh Riddles To Spice Up Your Friday The 13th You Decide To Enter A Haunted House With Your Friend As You Enter An Eerie Silence Embraces You And You Can S Riddles Walks Riddles Why Are Pianos So Hard To Open Riddles Are Pianos So Hard To Open Riddles Why Dont Lobsters Share Riddles You Get A Lot Of It If Youre Powerful And Successful But Significantly Less When Youre Just Starting Out You Sometimes Do It With Yourself But Its A Lot Better When You Do It With Another Person What Am I Talking About Riddles
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An optimal illusion
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