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4 Girls In A Room Claire Is Playin Riddles A 10 Foot Rope Ladder Hangs Over The Side Of A Boat With The Bottom Rung On The Surface Of The Water The Rungs Are One Foot Apart And The Tide Goes Up At A Rate Of 6 Inches Per Hour How Long Will It Be Until Three Rungs Are Covere Riddles A Woman Has 5 Cousins Monday Is The First Cousin Tuesday Is The Second Cousin Wednesday Is The Third Cousin Thursday Is The Fourth Cousin Who Is The Fifth Cousin Riddles An Ex Policeman Lost His House His Car And His Girlfriend Which Did He Lose Riddles Computer Mouse Riddless What You Put In Your Hair Riddles Family Sheep Riddles Follower Riddles Holiday Riddles I M Tall When I M Young I M Riddles It Is A Fun Thing Do And You Spend A Lot Time Thinking About It And You Hate Knowing Your Parents Are Doing It Riddles Jun Riddles Medal Riddles Stomach Riddles What Subject In English Schools Is Easy For A Witch Riddles, You Walk Across A Bridge And See A B Riddles
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Cooling Down On A Hot Day

What do cats like best on a hot day?
Mice cream!
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