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2 A Traveler Comes To A Fork In The Road Which Leads To Two Villages In One Village The People Always Tell Lies And In The Other Village The People Always Tell The Truth The Traveler Needs To Conduct Business In The Village Where Everyone Tells The Tr Ri Riddles A Teacher Is Yelling She Shuts The Door She Shuts Riddles Begin Riddles I Am Greter Than Hood Eviler Than The Devil The Riddles I Am Not Alive But I Grow Rid Riddles I Am Something People Love Or Hate I Change Peoples Appearances And Thoughts If A Person Takes Care Of Them Self I Will Go Up Even Higher To Some People I Will Fool Them To Others I Am A Mystery Some People Might Want To Try And Hide Me But I Will Show No Matter How Hard People Try I Will Never Go Down What Am I Riddles If A Giraffe Has 2 Eyes A Monkey Has 2 Eyes And An Elephant Has 2 Eyeshow Many R Riddles Khols Riddles L Was Going To Bleach Her Socks Because They Have Gotten Muddy Beacause Of The Rain Yesterday She Was Pouring Bleach On The Washing Machine And Spilled Some On The Floor L Got A Cleaning Flid And Mop It Up With A Rag Minutes Later L Was Found Dead What Riddles My Son Was Playing With A Book And Tore Out Pages Riddlesriddles Snow White Asks The Dwarfs A Question 2 Of Them Are Lying And 3 Can Only S Riddles There Is A School Shooter The Teacher Buts The Kids In The Corner Locks The Door Turns Off The Lights What Does She Forg Riddles There Were Two Goat Herde Riddles What Bites But No Teeth Riddl Riddles What Is The Best Cure For Dandr Ridd Riddles
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The Teachers Sunglasses Riddle

Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?
Because her students were bright!
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