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A Man Lives In The Penthouse Of An Apartment Building Every Morning He Takes The Elevator Down To The Lobby And Leaves The Building Upon His Return However He Can Only Travel Halfway Up In The Li Riddles A Traveller Comes To A Fork In The Road Wh Riddles For Bir Riddles Head In The Clouds But My Feet On T Riddles I Am Yellow Except Riddles If Your Going Down A River At 2mph Your Canoe Loses A Wheelhow Much Pancake Mix Would You Need To Re Shingle Your Roof Riddles Im The Highlight Of Many Dates Im Especially Responsive Riddles, This Word Is A Favour Riddles What English Word Souble Letters Riddles What Goes Around And Around But Never Riddles What Part Of The Man Has No Bone But Has Muscles Has Lots Of Veins Like Pumping Is Responsible For Makin Riddles Which Man Cannot Live In Hous Riddles Why Do Rahul Carries A Ladder To Hi Riddles Yoga Pan Riddles You Measure My Life In Hours Riddles
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The Redwood House Riddle

You live in a one story house made "entirely of redwood". What color would the stairs be?
What stairs? You live in a one story house.
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