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A Guy Woke Up In The Morning Got Out Of His Bed Because He Was Thirsty He Went Into The Kitchen Where There Was Orange Juice In The Refrigerator And Got It Out And Then Went Riddles A Lady Is Unlocking The Door To Her Round House When She Hears A Scream She Goes In And Finds Her Husband Dead The Butcher Says I Was Chopping Meat The Cook Says I Was Cooki Riddles A Man Buys A New Car And Goes Home To Tell His Gf He Goes The Wrong Wayup One Street Bumps Into 7 Ppl Goes On The Pavemen Riddles Hole Ri Riddles How Can You Go Surfing In The Kitchen Riddles I Can Be Made Of Metal Bone O Riddles I Disappear If You Say My Name Riddles Malayalam Riddles There Is A School Shooting To Keep The Kids Safe The Teachers Gather The Kids In The Corner Turn Riddles There Is A Tree Very Short Tree Inside That Tree A Witch A Very S Riddles U Are Sleeping And Are Hungry And You Have Butter Cheese And Baloney In The Fridge U Are Sleeping And Are Hungry And Yo Riddles What Do You Call A Book That Has Been Thrown Into The Ocean Riddl Riddles Yet His Birthday R Riddles You Stick Your Poles Inside Me You Tie Me D Riddles Yybbs.cgi Riddles'
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Baby Robot And His Mother

What did the baby robot say to his mom?
What did the baby robot say to his mom?
I love you watts and watts.
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