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A Man Is Found Dead D On A Sunday A Day Morning His Wife Calls The Police Immediately The Police Question The Wife And The Staff The Wife Said She Was Asleep The Cook Said He Was Cooking Breakfast The Gardener Said She Was Pick Riddles The Gardener Said S A Man Was Born In 1995 But Died In 1935 How Is This Posible Riddles But Built By Hearts And Minds. What Am I Riddles Butterfly In Face Fish And Wate Riddles Cabinet Riddl Riddles Calcium Camouflage Spices Riddles Calculation Riddles, How Can You Drop A Riddles I Am A Word Of Six My First Three Letters Refer To All Automobile My Last 3 Letters Refer To A Household Animal Riddles If A Blue House Is Made Out Of Blue Bricksa Yellow House Is Made Out Of Yellow Bricks And A Pink H Riddles Kitchen Sink Riddles Sweater Riddleses What Is At The End Of A Rainb Riddles Why Does Rudo Riddles Why Was The Cucumber Mad Answer Riddles
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Needing An Answer Riddle

What does not ask a question but needs an answer?
A phone.
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