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3 Envelops Riddle

You are sitting in front of your interviewer. He gives you three envelopes. One of them contains an offer letter and the other two are empty. You pick up one of them. Now, the interviewer opens up one of the envelope lying on the table and you find out that it is blank.

Now, he gives you a chance to switch your envelope with the one on the table. Would you switch it? Why or why not?
Yes, you should switch the envelope. In the beginning when you picked up the envelope, you had a 1/3 probability of finding an offer letter in the envelope. There was 2/3 chance that the letter was there in the two envelopes on the table.

If you keep your selected envelope, you still have a 1/3 chance of finding an offer letter in that. However, since the interviewer has removed one empty envelope from the table, if you switch, you have a probability of 2/3 that the offer letter is inside that.
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