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The Favorite Daughter

King Lear tests his daughters' love by the strength of their protestations. What a foolish fond old man!

Goneril says amongst other things that Lear is 'dearer than eyesight, space and liberty'. Regan professes that she is 'an enemy to all other joys'. Cordelia the favorite daughter is tongue-tied and she offers one word only '________'.

Fill in the blank.

Your Answer: love
The correct answer was Nothing

Other accepted answers: nothing

"Nothing will come of nothing, speak again". Lear really wants her to try again but she counters that she cannot "heave my heart into my mouth" and also doubts her sisters sincerity, "Why have my sisters husbands, if they say they love you all? ". Lear cannot believe her lack of warmth "so young and so untender". Cordelia counters "so young, my lord, and true".
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