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A Man In A Car Sees A Gold Silver Diamond Doir Which One Does He Open Riddles A Man Wanted To Enter An Exclusive Club But Did Not Know The Pword That Was Required He Waited By The Door And Listened A Club Member Knocked On The Door And The Doorman Said Twelve The Member Replied Six And Was Let In A Second Member Came To The Door And The Doorman Said Six The Member Replied Three And Was Let In The Man Thought He Ha Riddles A Person Wakes Up From His Night Sleepthen Gets Cereal And Then Gets In His Car And Leaves For Work What Did He Open Fir Riddles A Person Wakes Up From His Nights Sleep Then Gets Cereal Then Gets In His Car Then Riddles Bank Riddles Cycle Ball Banana Monkey Kannada Movie Name Riddles Hold Me By The Neck And I Wont Mind If I Get Wrong I Just Need A Good Wind If You Want Me You Riddles How Can You Tell W Riddles I Have 7 Candles Lit 2 Blew Off How Many Candles I Am Riddles I Went To School With No Pens And Came Riddles Pregnancy Riddles Wat Has 4 Letters Sometimes 9 But N We Get 5 Riddles Where Does A Pretzel Go For Vacation Riddles Why Does Scrooge Love Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Riddles You Walk Into A Room And See A Bed On The Bed There Are Two Dogs Four Cats A Giraffe Five Cows And A Duck There Are Also Three Chickens Flying Above The Bed How Many Legs Are On The Floor Riddles
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Red Berry Decor

This decoration is green with a red berry. It rhymes with jolly and can keep you merry.
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