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A Man Buys A Horse For 60 Than Sells It For 70 Then He Buys It Back At 80 And Sells It For 90 Riddles Chicken Coop Riddles Five Of Your Friends And You Are Sitting In The Backseat Of A Car With Two Cuddly Kittens Seven Crows Perch On The Top Of The Car So How Many Heads Do You Have No Riddles Hyperbole Figure Of Speech Riddles I Have 7 Candles Lit 2 Blew Out How Many Candles I Have Left Riddlesdles If An Electric Train Is Going East At 60 Miles An Hour An Ther Riddles Mas Tree Riddles Naughty Ridd Riddles Pocket Ri Riddles Sunbbs.cgi Riddles There Was 30 White Horses Upon A Red Hill First They Started Stamping Riddles Trash Bag Riddles We Are Five Little Items Of Riddles What Do You Call A Snowmaan In Summer Riddles You Walk Into A Room And See A Bed With 2 Cats4 Dogsand 1 Cow On It You See 2 Penguins Flying Over It How Many Legs Are On The Flo Riddles
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