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A Bell Rings Riddle

A bell rings, a man cries. A bell rings, a man dies. What happened?
A man takes his blind friend swimming. The seeing man stands on the shore with a handbell to ring so that the blind man can find his way back to shore if he starts getting too far out. There is a buoy with a bell on it floating out far from shore. The blind man hears the buoy's bell and thinks it's his friend's bell so he follows the sound- further out in the water. The friend on shore sees what is happening and begins shouting and ringing his bell furiously. The blind man becomes exhausted out near the buoy and drowns.

A bell rings (the bell on the buoy)
a man cries (the seeing man cries as in shouting out, not sadness crying)
A bell rings (the bell of the seeing man)
a man dies (the blind swimmer)
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