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A Man Was Outside Taking A Walk When It Started To Rain The Man Didnt Have An Umbrella And He Wasnt Wearing A Hat His Clothes Got Soaked Yet Not A Single H Riddles I Did N Riddles I Watch You All The Time But You Cant See Me Ive Never Be Riddles If You Riddles Im Black Then Red Then Gray Riddles Me This A Man In A Car He Sees A Door A Gold Riddles Miners Work Quickly To Have Me But They Cant See Touch Or Smell Me My Value Is Greater Than You Think But If You Loose Riddles My Dog Had 7 Puppies 1 Puppies Riddles Name The Most Recent Year New Years Preceded Christmas Riddle Spain Eat 12 Grapes Riddles The Letters Acdehijlnp Can Be Used To Spell Out The Names Of Fou Riddles The More I Dry The W Riddles To Throw Me You Had Pre Riddles What Has One Eye But Cannot See Riddles What Herb Cures All Diseases Ridd Rid Riddles
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Bruce Wayne Is This Type Of Man

Its black, furry and flies about
Try not to be scared if you can
It likes to hang out upside down
And Bruce Wayne is this type of man

Who am I?
I'm Batman!
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