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Shoe Man Whistle

Can you solve the above equation?

Think carefully before checking the answer.
Can you solve the above equation?

Think carefully before checking the answer.
The third equation has a term with a pair of whistles. The last line involves a single whistle.

Furthermore, the man in the second and third lines are wearing a whistle, but the man in the last line is not wearing a whistle. Presumably the value of the whistle should be accounted for to get the correct answer.

The pictures can be translated into the following equations:

shoes + shoes + shoes = 30
shoes + (man + whistle) + (man + whistle) = 20
(man + whistle) + 2(whistles) + 2(whistles) = 13
shoes + (man) x (whistle) = ?

From the first equation we can solve for the shoes value:

shoes + shoes + shoes = 30
3(shoes) = 30
shoes = 10

We can then solve the second equation for the (man + whistle) value:

shoes + (man + whistle) + (man + whistle) = 20
10 + 2(man + whistle) = 20
2(man + whistle) = 10
man + whistle = 5

Then we solve the third equation for the whistle:

(man + whistle) + 2(whistles) + 2(whistles) = 13
5 + 4(whistles) = 13
4(whistles) = 8
whistle = 2

We also need to solve for the value of the man:

man + whistle = 5
man + 2 = 5
man = 3

Now we can evaluate the final expression, remembering the order of operations that multiplication should be evaluated before addition:

shoes + (man) x (whistle) = ?

10 + 3 x 2
= 10 + 3 x 2
= 10 + 6
= 16
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