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A Man Lives In The Penthouse Of An Apartment Building Every Morning He Takes The Elevator Down To The Riddles About Ca Riddles Camera Riddles How Can You Tell The Difference Between 2 Trees Riddles I Am A Kind Of Coat That Can Only Be Put On Whenwet Riddles I Am Something People Love Or Hate I Change Peoples Appearances And Thoughts If A Person Takes Care Of Them Self I Will Go Up Riddles In Some Situations Like Oppose The Motion In Other Situations L Facilitate The Motion But L Always Oppose The Relative Motion Between Two Moving Surfaces Put Some Lubricant And L Become Small There Make The Moving Surfaces Rough L Riddles It Goes Around The World But Stays In A Corner Riddles Jimmy Was Arrested For Murder Think You Are Jimmy You Are In A Cell With No Door There Is One Window Which Is Very High He Has Two Days Because He Will Not Get Food He Only One Shovel And The Gro Riddles Little Things A Crime Happened At Freemont Street The Main Suspect Is A Man Named Sean Baker It Was Said That A Man Riddles Longeasyeasy For Kids Riddles We Invited Him To Warm Himself In The Sun And He Came We Asked Him To Take His Bath And He Said D Riddles What Bus Crossed The Ocen Riddle What Is Green And Can Sing Riddles Will You Marry Me Riddles
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NBA 5 Letter Word Puzzle

Hint: Cut the grass and I will show.
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