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Black And White Riddle

A penguin rolling down a hill!
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The Black Sea Riddle

It gets wet
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Black, White And Red

A skunk with diaper rash.
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What Color Is The Bear?

The bear is white since the house is built on the North Pole.
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Cats And Colors

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1. Why was the purple fruit embarrassed? Because it turned beet-red!

2. What did the green grape say to the purple grape? "You're looking grape-ful today!"

3. Why did the paint go on a diet? Because it wanted to be a lighter shade of pale!

4. What did the yellow bird say to the blue bird? "Are you feeling blue?"

5. Why did the blueberries break up? They just couldn't blue-t it anymore!

6. How did the rainbow feel after a long day? Hue-man-gous!

7. Why did the orange run away from the fridge? Because it saw the apple turnover!

8. How did the pink flower respond when asked to dance? It rose to the occasion!

9. Why did the green bean refuse to dance? It had two left peas!

10. What did the black and white zebra say when asked if it preferred color? "I'm not sure, it's kind of a grey area!"

11. What did the gray elephant say when it saw the rainbow? "I think I'm color-blind!"

12. What did the red crayon say to the blue crayon? "We make a great team, let's color the town!"

13. Why did the rainbow end up in a tree? It was trying to raise its sprits!

14. What did the pink paint say to the orange paint? "We make a great blend, let's make some art!"

15. Why did the blue paint get arrested? It was caught red-handed!

16. What did the purple paint say to the white paint? "You're the brightest crayon in the box!"

17. What did the brown paint say to the pink paint? "I don't mean to be blunt, but you're looking a little washed out!"

18. How did the yellow flower feel after receiving a compliment? It was daisy-ed and confused!

19. Why did the green apple feel left out? It wasn't invited to the apple party!

20. What did the orange paint say to the purple paint? "Let's mix things up a bit!"

21. Why did the blueberry feel betrayed? It was blue-crossed by its friends!

22. What did the green paint say to the orange paint at the art gallery? "I'm really envious of your work!"

23. Why did the pink crayon feel embarrassed? It colored outside the lines!

24. What did the red apple say to the green apple? "You look delicious, let's core-n around together."

25. How did the rainbow feel after a good night’s sleep? It was re-vibed!

26. Why did the yellow crayon feel anxious? It was feeling under the lemon-pression!

27. What did the orange fruit say to the blue fruit? "We don't make sense together, but we sure make a great smoothie!"

28. How did the purple paint feel after winning an award? It was grape-ful!

29. Why did the pink flower blush when it was complimented? It was rose-y cheeked!

30. What did the black pencil say to the white eraser? "I make mistakes, but you clean them up!"

31. Why did the rainbow run away to join the circus? It didn't fit in with the straight colors!

32. What did the green paint say to the yellow paint about their dress? "You're a ray of sunshine in this green emerald city!"

33. How did the brown crayon feel after coloring? It was drawn to the experience!

34. Why did the purple flower get arrested? It was charged with violet-ion of the law!

35. What did the red feather say to the blue feather? "It's been great winging it together!"

36. Why did the pink fruit get a job at the bank? It was a grape at math!

37. How did the blue crayon feel after coloring in the ocean scene? It was wave-ing goodbye to the competition!

38. What did the green plant say to the brown dirt? "Thanks for your sup-port!"

39. Why did the yellow paint refuse to mix? It was feeling independent!

40. What did the blue paint say to the red paint? "You're really painting the town red, aren't you?"

41. Why did the orange fruit go to the doctor? It was peeling un-well!

42. How did the purple crayon feel after coloring? It was plum-tuckered out!

43. What did the green pencil say to the yellow highlighter? "You really make me stand out!"

44. Why did the rainbow feel jealous of the fireworks? Because they were getting all the attention in the sky!

45. What did the orange paint say to the blue paint at the museum? "Your work really speaks to me!"

46. How did the red boat feel after a rough ride? It was maroon-ed and seasick!

47. What did the white feather say to the black feather? "You're such a quill thing to be around!"

48. Why did the yellow crayon feel insecure? It was feeling like a yellow-bellied coward!

49. What did the green paint say to the blue paint at the art exhibit? "Your piece is a real stroke of genius!"

50. How did the purple pencil feel after completing a masterpiece? It was deeply moved!
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