Fun Facts (Hints)

The riddle has a rich history in the English language. Here are a few obscure facts related to their relationship:
  • One of the most distinguished pieces of literature in the past thousand years contains a very comprehensive set of riddles in English. This book is called the "Exeter Book."
  • Old English riddles are commonly filled with double entendre.
  • Riddles are often defined as a piece of literature or poetry that describes something yet to be named.
  • One of the oldest recorded riddles to remain in tact is featured on an ancient tablet from Mesopotamia.
  • In the modern world, riddles are used in various forms of art and media, including movies.
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    Common English Word Riddle

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    Forward And Backward

    A ton.

    Forward I am ton, backwards I am not.
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    Teachers And Cashiers

    One tills the mind and the other minds the till.
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