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Fooled By Thunder

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At Night They Fly

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1. When the game starts, it's no longer a fluke; prepare yourself for a wild Jumanjuke!

2. You might think it's just a board game, but Jumanji's a jungle, never the same.

3. Roll the dice and make your move, but beware or you'll end up in a dragon's lair!

4. Jumanji is no walk in the park; in fact, it's more dangerous than swimming with a shark.

5. When you play Jumanji, it gets quite hairy; you could end up in a jungle so scary.

6. Don't think you're safe, no matter where you stay; Jumanji's effects reach near and far away.

7. If you're not careful, you'll get sucked in, and your adventure will begin.

8. Jumanji is not like any other game; it's a journey into a jungle, untamed.

9. When you start to play, be prepared to fight; Jumanji will test your courage and might.

10. Don't let the creatures scare you one bit; be bold, be brave, and you'll soon be a hit!

11. Jumanji is a game of chance, but also of skill; it's up to you to defeat the rhino's will.

12. Be quick on your feet, and always alert; Jumanji is a game of survival, and you mustn't get hurt.

13. In Jumanji, you can't take anything for granted, for the jungle is wild and quite enchanted.

14. You might think it's a game, just a bit of fun; but in Jumanji, there are no guarantees for anyone.

15. Be prepared for the unexpected, that's all I can say; in Jumanji, you never know what will come your way.

16. Jumanji is a game of twists and turns, where one wrong move can make your heart burn.

17. So step right up and let's begin this adventure; just remember to keep your wits and your composure.

18. In Jumanji, there's no time for hesitation; you must be quick to avoid any lamentation.

19. Whether you're a lion or a mouse, in Jumanji, there's no time for a big ego to arouse.

20. You might think you're the king of the forest, but in Jumanji, you might end up with an adverse prognosis.

21. Don't think you can run away, that simply won't do; in Jumanji, you must face your fears and be true.

22. Jumanji is a game of survival, that much is clear; you must be quick-witted, brave, and persevere.

23. When you play Jumanji, you mustn't play it safe; that's when the game gets boring, just like a blank page.

24. If you're looking for an adventure, then Jumanji's your game; just remember to be quick to adapt when things get lame.

25. Don't think you're the only player on this crazy ride; in Jumanji, everyone's a foe or an ally, for which you must decide.

26. You might find yourself trapped in Jumanji's labyrinth; that's when you must be smart, swift, and strategic.

27. Don't let the fear of the unknown paralyze you; in Jumanji, that's when your journey to victory starts anew.

28. Jumanji is a game of self-discovery, where you must face your demons with resolve and bravery.

29. When the game starts, it's all about survival, and no time for emotions like fear or denial.

30. In Jumanji, there are no true winners or losers; for the joy is in the journey, and its many hustles.

31. Don't let the riddles stump you on this wild ride; in Jumanji, it's better to be crafty than wise.

32. You might think you have the upper hand, but in Jumanji, it's all a matter of chance and fate's plan.

33. So join in the fray, and let's see who comes out on top; in Jumanji, there's no telling which adventure would make your heart pop.

34. When the game gets tough, always remember why you started; for in Jumanji, perseverance is key, no matter who has the fastest mind or sharpest wit.

35. In Jumanji, it's all about strategy and tact; for without these, you might end up in a trap.

36. When the game starts and the dice roll, be ready for anything; for in Jumanji, even a mosquito bite can be an adventure challenging.

37. Don't look back, don't hesitate, for in Jumanji, only the proactive can shape their fate.

38. When the game gets complex or perhaps even absurd, don't give up, for in Jumanji, all it takes is a little leap of faith and a brave word.

39. Don't be afraid to be bold, fearless, and cunning; for in Jumanji, those who can break the rules are the ones who come out winning.

40. When you play Jumanji, you might even break a sweat; for in this jungle, stakes are high, and the weather is hot, with no forgiveness or regret.

41. Don't take your opponents for granted, for in Jumanji, anyone can be an adversary or an asset; it all depends on your ability to connect.

42. In Jumanji, there's no greater joy than overcoming your fear; for that's when you uncover your true self, so dear.

43. Don't be afraid to embrace the chaos, the unpredictability, and the absurd; for in Jumanji, that's when the fun and excitement are stirred.

44. When the game gets tough, and you feel like giving up, remember, in Jumanji, even a grunt and a strut are sufficient to pick you up.

45. In Jumanji, it's not your luck or your skill that count; it's your ability to adapt, improvise and mount.

46. Don't be deceived by a false sense of security or grandeur, for in Jumanji, it's the meek and cunning who endure.

47. So be quick-witted, bold, and proactive, my friends, for in Jumanji, the game never really ends.

48. No matter how much you prepare, or how much you know, in Jumanji, the unexpected is always bound to show.

49. In Jumanji, it's not about who wins or loses, but rather about the journey, the thrills, and the bruises.

50. So strap up your boots, pack your courage and your wit; for in Jumanji, you never know what kind of adventures you'll get.